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The face of media to come

When I discussed my predictions for IT next year, I gave one example from Novell. Being without much work, I have had too much free time on my hands, so I have taken to donwloading podcast for my time in the gym. In this I have come across twit. It's not new (in Internet time). It's been around since 2005, and has been started by Leo Laporte, from ZDTV (circa 1998). So this is a project started by so-called old media people.

Bad year for IT ahead

This is going to be a bad year for IT. While budgeting delays may seem to be the main cause for that, and assuming the current economic crisis is coming to close, I think there is more to it then that.

Year of the iKiller

This year will be the year in which all consumer electronics will be judged in the shadow of Apple.

  • Everyone seems to need an app shop. The shops will be judged by the numbers of applications available, and not by the quality of software provided.
  • Any new tablet device will be judged by the Apple tablet. If Apple neglects to bring one out, it will be judged by how Apple would have made it... And, of course, by it's application shop...
  • The new iPhone will most defiantly be an iPhone killer. 

All of this will be both good and bad for Apple. It will strengthen it's position as a market leader but will also create end-to-end user experiences (device to service) in which apple might not have a hold, or even a share. This will not be a terrible plow to Apple, as it's availability on more US carriers will, at least in the short run, compensate for that.

This is not the Android you are looking for

The Google Phone will most likely be remembered as the spaghetti phone. Whether of not this is a reference device for Google and other developers, or an actual device aimed at consumers or carriers is not relevant right now. It will be relevant when Google will find it to be relevant.

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