Three Internets

Wikileaks is being chased off the internet, and the US government is commandeering the DNS records of web sites. This is done both via the infrastructure services (DNS), pressuring network service providers and other service providers.

Regadless of your feeling about Wikileaks, it is obvious those encountering such measures will look for alternatives for their activities. This might seem fine for the policy makers, as it will move such troublemakers of the radar for the general public and themselves. But this "out of site" mentality may have larger consequences. Looking at the development of the Internet (or rather, the web, the presentation function of the Internet), I can see how the Internet will split into three networks:

  1. TheSafeNet - Facebook and Apple. Closed down gardens of clean 50's style suburbrn nighbourhoods, where the Zukerbergs, Jobs and Murdochs will merage corporate intersets with goverment approvel for clean and content.
  2. TheLameNet - our current network. The place for has-beens (such as myself...) using the Internet assuming it's free and open, while being constantly monitored and occasionally moderated by both the governments and pseudo-open corporations such as Google and Microsoft
  3. TheDarkNet - returning to BBS days - Using torrents and tor tor to trasfer both data an infrastructure information, this network will bypass both DNS infrastructure services.

This will put Inetrnet Service Providers in an awkward position, as it will put them under pressure from TheSafeNet and TheLameNet to find ways to block TheDarkNet, not to mention the fact that it will put dent in their up-sale services, as TheDarkNet will try to avoid them. TheDarkNet, by it's nature, will be more robust then the existing infrastructure, very much like the original design of the internet.

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