The tablet and the bowling ball

Asus TransformerI was impressed with the Ipad when it came out, the speed, the responsiveness and the battery life. I really wanted one, but my use case for a portable device included a keyboard, standalone usability and easy transfer of data. A netbook would have achieved most of the goals, only it did not provide the form factor I wanted for reading - the portrait work mode.

After reading the AnandTech review of the Asus Eee Pad Transformer, I thought I finally saw a device that met all my requirements. I would highly recommend you read the review of the device. I do believe Asus brings true value and innovation to the tablet space. Asus not only has experience from the Netbook, it also lacks (in a good way) the links and the bondage of a cellular maker. I would only hope that Asus will join up with a Linux distribution to create a Linux ARM tablet.

I have made one mistake in the purchasing this device. I did not buy it for my self, but rather for my wife. It felt like the American husband buying a bowling ball for his wife's birthday. The joke, however is on me. She likes it, and she is by no mean a geek.

While the device is not without it's fault (I mainly find the Wireless connection wanting), it is a well rounded standalone device, which I can see as a replacement for most tablets and net-book devices. It remains to be seen how Asus handles software upgrades over time, and how the battery lasts in day to day use, but so far we are happy with it. Well, she is...

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ASUS is one of the bets

ASUS is one of the bets tablet that i have ever seen. The cost as well as the price has made it interest ion. the reviews of this from the users says "This one come with some of the bets features that you might not even get in iPad or other exoensivve android tablets."

they have added with some of the best Online related apps that you would really lioke to have...

Great innovation Asus Eee Pad

Great innovation Asus Eee Pad Slider is a full QWERTY keyboard. It is the one that made ​​the android tablet this one different from the other.