Open and Trust


Both companies should read What Would Google Do by Jeff Jarvis. Jarvis is proponent of Google, not only as a company, but as a bussiness model. While Google has indeed showed many developments in 2009, some of those, such as ChromeOS and Google DNS can cause some uneasiness. While I don't this Google is aiming at world domination, both it and facebook have reached a point where their sheer size causes them to face questions that engineering alone cannot answer.

One may wonder, how this is different from Microsoft. Reading Bill Gates letter from 1976 (note that no open prefix to this one), answers that. Microsoft is about closed, proprietary code and business. Whether this is good or bad is debatable, but is clear.

Facebook is planning an IPO, Google's income is not going to leapfrog every year. They are in a seemingly contradictory situation. Their size and power are threatening their main income source: advertising. They are both going to need to monetize and utilize their most abundant resource: their users. Most users, I suspect, do not care much for the debates currently flaring, but those involved are high volume ones. Those are also the ones who pushed Facebooks and Google forward. Note that Google is (still?) not the leader in e-mail.

Google and Facebook have risen fast and created a fast changing environment, both in technological innovation and business, now they are facing those same challenges themselves.

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